Billie Gale's atmospheric dream pop explores the beauty borne out of devastating loss. Taking its name from lead songwriter Beth Garber's late mother, the band's enveloping shoegaze textures blanket her emotive lyrical outcries. Even the rain-soaked sounds of her native Pacific Northwest get a warm bath of reverb and dreamy synth.


Sparkling guitars (Adam Wayne, Charmparticles), elastic bass lines (Eric Shawn), and driving percussion (Justin Wayne) create deeply melodic layers of order and chaos, both nurturing and unruly.  Then the layers fall away to leave a single sound bare, straining to fill the expansive space left behind.


Currently based in Oakland, CA, Billie Gale has performed at venues across the Bay Area and Portland, including the Doug Fir & Rickshaw Stop.  

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introspective  atmospheric  bittersweet  narrative rainy day  cathartic  earnest  melodic  intense gritty  literary  exact


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